One of this year’s most highly anticipated games is ‘Batman: Arkham Origins,’ which is set to be released later this year on October 25.  Arkham Origins is the third title in the Arkham franchise, but instead of being a direct sequel to Arkham City (2011), Origins takes place five years before the events of Arkham Asylum (2009).  At Comic Con 2013, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Bioshock: Infinite) and Roger Craig Smith (Sonic the Hedgehog), who are two talented voice actors that can be found in this exciting new game.  Below are some highlights from that interview.  Troy Baker will be voicing The Joker, while Roger Craig Smith is portraying Batman.  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


Troy Baker & Roger Craig Smith Q&A: 

Think Hero – As a voice actor, where does that voice come from?  Is it something you take strictly from the voice director, or do you find it on your own over time?  

Troy Baker – First of all, you want to approach every character as its own thing.  What’s interesting, is that we would get going and about 15-20 minutes in, we would be like, “Ah, there it is.”  After finding our voices, we would want to go back and pick up all the crap we just recorded in those first 15 minutes.  Our voice director (Amanda), was very patient with us, and we knew that we just had to find that sweet spot with the voices.

Roger Craig Smith – It very much was a collaborative effort.  We work with a lot of people, and we have the weirdest and best job all at the same time.  It’s very challenging, but also highly rewarding.  People sometimes forget that there are hundreds of people working on these games, and we’re only a small portion of that.  For example, I can say this line or deliver a great performance, but if the designs and animations are just a little bit off, it can really affect the performance.  Arkham Origins is made by a lot of people, and it’s not just about the voices, or the writing.

Troy Baker – Each and every person behind this has such a love and admiration for the game, which really comes through.  This is not just another job for anyone.  We’re all like, “Let’s swing for the fences” on this one.  

Roger-Craig-Smith – What’s it like to be a part of a legacy like Batman? 

Roger Craig Smith – Every time someone asks me that question I stammer.  I look at that (Batman), and there’s no connection.  I mean yeah, I’m portraying that guy, but it’s just so surreal.  The guy that I look at in the mirror everyday is a dork, he’s not “that guy” (Batman).  It’s just so incredible.  At times, I can’t even fathom what it’s like to be something that iconic.  

Troy Baker – I used to rush home after school everyday to make sure I was in front of my TV at 4;30, because that’s when ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ was on.  I didn’t even care what the episode was about, but hearing that theme song, and what it made me feel.  That cartoon resonated so much with me as a 10 or 11 year-0ld kid.  I would record every episode and one day I saw who did the voices, like Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, and from then on I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up.  “A dream come true” is too cliche to describe how I’m feeling right now.  This isn’t just another job for me.

-David Griffin (Follow @griffinde on Twitter) 




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