“Struggles often begin and end with the truth.”

As the conflict on Onderon escalates, leaders are forged, and a young Jedi learns to make up her own mind in a dire situation.  This week’s episode, entitled “The Soft War” showcases the excellent storytelling of Star Wars The Clone Wars, as the writers share a personal story on a planet-wide scale.  In both the original and prequel trilogies, the Star Wars Universe has seemed rather black and white in terms of moral and political viewpoints.  If one wants to discover what theological and socioeconomic ideologies the inhabitants of the Star Wars Universe cling to, he or she would most likely need to read one of the many books published in the last twenty years.  What this show has done so well, has been its ability to explore the areas that are not so black and white, by delving into the “grey” that exists within these characters.  Although this may seem like a small aspect of the episode, my favorite moment was hearing King Ramsis explain to Saw that he didn’t choose a side in the war, for the sake of his people.  King Ramsis is obliviously a good man, but as he pointed out, both sides have corruption swelling within their ranks.  Again, I just want to praise the team at LucasArts for exploring these dense topics that the films have shied away from.

Another significant strength of “The Soft War,” was giving ample screen-time to two extraordinary female characters, both of whom learned what it means to be a leader, which can lead to isolation.  On the surface, Ahsoka is still a teenager who wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend, yet she’s unable to escape the reality that the entire Jedi Council is watching her every move as she attempts to keep her distance from Onderon’s civil war.  I wonder what you all thought about Anakin’s words to Ahsoka, as he calmly says, “purpose must come before feelings.”  As I said in last week’s review, Anakin is a hypocrite of the worst kind, for his feelings rule every action he makes.  What happens when purpose and feelings coincide with one another?  Is it possible for anyone to truly separate the two?  Okay, so I may be rambling a bit, but sometimes the Jedi Order’s “moral beliefs” anger me.  With that being said, I thought that this was another strong episode, and as Obi-Wan Kenobi pointed out, “The real fight is about to begin.”  Share your thoughts with me on anything Clone Wars related in the comments section below.  Until next week, may the force be with you!

-David Griffin (Follow @griffinde on Twitter)

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