“Strength in character can defeat strength in numbers.”

Darth Maul, Savage Opress, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Hando Ohnaka in the same episode?  The writers at Lucasfilm sure know how to deliver a satisfying season premier with “Revival,” fearturing an exciting array of laser-battles and thrilling Lightersaber duels.  I was not expecting to see a fight between the Sith brothers and Jedi so soon.  I realize that this is only the first episode, but doesn’t it seem likely that Obi-Wan will be the one to kill Darth Maul, or do you think Anakin will defeat the Sith Lord?  It’s difficult not to speculate after watching this fantastic episode.

I want to discuss the tonal differences compared to that of previous seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  The end of last season gave us the impression that we’re in for a much darker Star Wars Universe as this show reaches its conclusion, but it’s interesting to see just how dark the show has become since the first episode aired back in 2008.  I’m curious to know everyone’s thoughts on the new direction the show has taken, with the return of Maul and his quest for galactic domination alongside his brother Savage.  Do you prefer the more sinister-like atmosphere in this season, or are you looking more for the comedic characteristics of your favorite Star Wars characters?  Personally, I love the idea of having a gritty realization of Sith and Jedi conflict, but since last year’s exciting season finale, Clone Wars is no longer a “kids show.”  This is only my opinion of course, but please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

If “Revival” is any indication, I believe season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has the potential to be the best in the series.  I admire the show’s ambition to freely kill Jedi, which means no one is safe.  Well, except for the characters we know survive until the third prequel film.  I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen to Ahsoka as she continues to mature as Anakin’s apprentice.  It was sad to see Obi-Wan’s new partner, Adi Gallia perish so soon, because I loved the actress who was doing her voice-over.  What are your predictions for season 5, and what did you think of “Revival?”

-David Griffin (Follow @griffinde on Twitter)

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