Check out this cool The Hunger Games fan film called Star Squad that’s currently in preproduction and is raising funds through IndieGogo in order to get the project made.  Also, one of my friends Taryn O’ Neill will be in the series playing a character named Crollo Propo.

Here is the description of the fan film from their IndieGoGo page:

“About Star Squad

Star Squad is a Hunger Games fan film, made by fans, for fans, with fans. It is NOT a recreation of existing Hunger Games series, but an entirely original, feature-length film that will explore unexplained events at the end of Mockingjay (the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy).

Essentially: we finished reading the books, but didn’t want them to end.”

I’ve posted some of the pictures below and check out the link below for more information, pics, and how to support this The Hunger Games fan film, Star Squad.

– Dennis

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