In this video, Gamespot takes a look at the 10th year anniversary edition of ‘Halo: Combat Evolved.’  While watching this footage it’s hard not to think where you were 10 years ago, and what video games you were playing.  For me, I was beginning my final year of high school, and I had just recently purchased my first Xbox.  My education in the art of Halo did not truly come into fruition until my Freshman year in college, where all the guys would get together for an evening of pizza, beer and Halo.  For the commentator in this video, and for myself, the Halo anniversary edition represents more than just an updated version of a timeless classic.  It represents a part of my history, and in a way, it brings back those cherished memories I have from college and spending time with friends.

I would like to hear what your story is with Halo.  Did it change your gaming experience ten years ago, or have you just recently played it?  How has your gaming experience changed over the last 10 years?

-David Griffin (Follow @griffinde on Twitter)

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