In an interview by MTV, director Mark Webb discusses the possibilities of future franchises, and the history regarding Peter Parker’s parents.  According to Webb, the film will deviate from the comics, but use some of the character’s history to frame the overall plot.  I wish that Marvel Studios was directly involved in this production instead of Sony.  Marvel’s first two projects (Thor, Captain America) have been strong films, without deviating from the character’s comic-book history.  I don’t mind new interpretations of stories, like in ‘X-Men: First Class,’ but I do feel that some studios take liberties that aren’t necessary.  Sam Raimi’s disastrous ‘Spider-Man 3’ is proof of that.  I’d love to know what you all think.  The trailer looks solid, but I feel like I’ve seen this all before.  Is it too soon for a reboot?  How long can these studios keep pumping out solid superhero films?

-David Griffin (Follow @griffinde on Twitter)

Source: MTV

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