Battlestar Galactica Online (Review)

By Brian Tudor

BSG Online

I will be the first to admit when it comes to computer and online gaming (especially MMO’s) I am 100% noob. That being said I am a super huge Battlestar Galactica Fanboy, so once the BSG Online Beta when public I jumped right into the cockpit of a Raptor and got my recon on (failing horrifically, getting a-sploded more than once).

BSG Viper 1Anyway, my lack of online gaming prowess aside when I first signed on and started playing I was very disappointed. I kept playing the first training mission and after destroying the first training target everything would disappear on my screen. It didn’t matter if I was a Cylon or Colonial, first target goes boom… screen goes blank. Rather than go onto the BSG Online forum and troll for the answer I decided I would go ahead and try playing on each of the different browsers on my Macbook Pro. Safari = BSGO FAIL. Chrome = BGSO FAIL. Rockmelt = You guessed it FAIL. Not to be denied, I went ahead and installed Firefox (I am that dedicated to trying this game out)… and it’s Firefox for the win! You hear me Mac users you have to play this game with Firefox.

BSG Viper 3Once my browser woes were put aside I set forth to defend the Colonial Fleet from the enemy. Training was pretty easy you get a real feel for the training Viper (using my Logitech Trackball mouse didn’t hurt either) so I breezed through training.

Once I was able to hit the 3 static targets and destroy some Cylon Raiders in a dogfight I was able to meet up with the rest of the Fleet and make the FTL (Faster Than Light) Jump. On board Galactic I was able to create my player, Name: BlackNINJA; Raptor pilot and all around crazy guy. Then I was prompted to head to the CIC and get my orders from the Old Man himself.

This first mission is as far as I went in the game (currently). After completing the first part of the mission I was met with resistance and lost my Raptor on 3 separate occasions, I know I suck, but I will get better. After the initial depression of the browser issues and my apparent lack of skill, I changed up sides and did the training missing as a Cylon, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to exploring that side even more.

BSG MMO RaptorBSG Cylon 1

When I first logged on I was all set to tell you good readers to skip Battlestar Galactica, but once I did a little trouble shooting I was able to get a little deeper and really enjoyed jetting around the galaxy. I can’t way to learn how to play and move up the ranks of the Colonial Fleet.

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– Brian Tudor (Follow @briantudor on Twitter)

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