Young Justice Cartoon Network high res posterYoung Justice: Independence Day (Review)

by Brian Tudor

Today is the day…

Young Justice finally premiered, and it was awesome! Technically it premiered on the Friday after Thanksgiving with a 1 hour special, but who’s counting. The animation is pretty much the same character design as Batman: Under the Red Hood, so the characters are stylized, sleek and athletic (not over muscled and roided up like Batman/Superman: Public Enemies).

This series kicks off with a bang, we get to see the four main “sidekicks” in action against Mr. Freeze (Robin), Icicle (Speedy), Killer Frost (Aqualad) and Captain Cold (Kid Flash). It was pretty cool to see four frost villains get things started, and watching what will become Young Justice take down the baddies sets the tone for the series.

Today is the day…

The sidekicks are all being given access to the Hall of Justice and the Justice League of America, or not. Robin, Speedy, Aqualad and Kid Flash are all getting to see the inside of the Hall and taking what they believe are the next steps in becoming full-fledged members of the JLA.

Wow were they wrong… Today is NOT the day.

Basically, they are allowed on the other side of the windows that the general public is allowed to come and take pictures of the JLA through. Ok, so this is where I ran into my first problem… the public is allowed in the Hall of Justice aaaaaaand can take pictures of the JLA… WTF? I understand the Hall of Justice is just the public face of JLA headquarters, the real HQ is the Watchtower up in space. Of course the Watchtower is… NO SIDEKICKS ALLOWED.

Once can imagine the disappointment felt by the “sidekicks”, I mean really they were expecting to be validated as real heroes. Of the four Speedy is the only one to speak up and eventually walk out on the rest of the heroes. Leaving Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash behind questioning what else the JLA didn’t tell them.

Let’s take a minute and talk about the heroes for a minute:

Robin: Dick Grayson, super hacker, strategic genius and all around master martial artist
Aqualad: Based on the new Aqualad currently hanging out in Brightest Day, can control water, super strength, telepathic, electric eel powers
Kid Flash: Wally West, super speed, smart mouth
Speedy: Roy Harper, master archer, martial artist

You are probably asking yourself, How did Young Justice come together? I’m getting to that. The Justice League is called to an office fire at Project Cadmus and a dying sun, opting to go save an entire solar system Batman tells the “sidekicks” to stay put. Robin and Kid Flash use this as an opportunity to look up information as to what Project Cadmus is, and the three remaining “sidekicks” head out to save the day.

Upon arriving at Project Cadmus Young Justice puts out the fire and saves the civilian scientists trapped in the building. This is when Aqualad sees the silhouette of a creature in the elevator, leading to the discover all is not as it appears. The elevator is really I high speed lift going dozens of stories below the surface. Once below the surface our heroes discover what is really going on and are lead to a room housing Project Kr… Superboy!

The Superboy origins are pretty on target with Connor Kent (Kon-el if you will), so there is nothing really new about the character, but it is great to see him in action. Superboy is a clone of Superman, only 16 weeks old, but aged about 16 years. He lives in a stasis pod where he is taught telepathically and fed solar energy 24/7 through his solar suit.

I think I’ve spoiled enough, and I don’t want to ruin all of the surprises of the episode for you. So, if you want to know what happens ¬†you need to go check out the episode, if you missed it on Cartoon Network, it is on iTunes.

Young Justice Heroics:

The animation and voice casting of Young Justice are outstanding and spot on
The series plans to use over 150 DC Universe characters
Aqualad is going to be a great, GREAT character and leader of the group
Bruce Greenwood is finally winning me over as the voice of Batman
Superboy is not yet at full power, watching him grow into his powers will be a lot of fun
Aqualad standing up to Batman was EPIC!
Mount Justice… Today is the DAY!

Young Justice Villainy:

George Eads cast as the voice Barry Allen does not fit
Kid Flash does not seem like he is all that fast, hopefully this will be fixed
Blockbuster was a waste of using Blockbuster, Roland Desomond could have been the over all big bad for Young Justice
Red Tornado is over done, I wish they would stop using him in DCU Animated projects
“The Light” seems pretty lame, and they fact they can’t just control Superboy remotely makes me seriously question their power

Grade: A

– Brian (follow @briantudor on Twitter)

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