Batman Beyond: Issue #6 (Review)

by Brian Tudor

Batman Beyond Issue #6 ReviewThe end is finally here, the showdown six issues in the making: Batman Beyond vs. HUSH Beyond the final battle. Only instead of it being Bruce Wayne and the original HUSH, this battle is Terry McGinnis against and insane clone of Dick Grayson.

The evil clone Grayson has plans to finish what DC Comics started in Batman: Cataclysm, an earthquake so big it will wipe Gotham City off the map. HUSH Beyond is armed with Bruce Wayne’s army of Bat-Wraith’s which he hacked to follow his instructions. It seems odd to me, that even in his old age Bruce Wayne would allow something so dangerous to fall into the wrong hands. It just seemed a little convenient to the story.

Other than Bruce’s failing mind I feel like Adam Beechen did a great job wrapping up this Mini-Series and setting up the new ongoing monthly series. I loved Dick Grayson’s return to the Batcave. It really captured just how broken Dick and Bruce’s relationship has become, and payed off on a lot of questions left over from the original Batman Beyond animated series.

There was a lot of action in the final issue, between Batman, Grayson and the evil clone. Then you throw in a bit of the new Catwoman and you are left with one kick ass jumping off point for the monthly series. Thank and the room full of clones old Amanda Waller goes strolling through at the end of the issue.

I think overall in this mini series they did a great job setting Terry up as his own Batman, while he is still under Bruce Wayne’s shadow and “wing”, it became obvious as the six issues went on Terry would be set up to eventually go forth and protect Neo-Gotham without the guidance of the original Batman. I can’t wait for the new ongoing series and I am looking forward to years of more Batman Beyond stories.

– Brian Tudor (Follow @briantudor on Twitter)

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