Hey guys, to make up for the tardiness of our latest Fringe review (both me and Roth’s schedules have been conflicting the last two weeks) here are a bunch of pics I took of the props from Fringe’s alternate universe that were on display at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.  John Noble and some of the writers were there signing autographs (unfortunately I got there too late to see John Noble – damn you super addictive Fallout New Vegas!). 

The event was put on to help the charity Autism Speaks and the 5 alternate universe DC comic covers that were shown in the Season 2 finale episode of Fringe were being auctioned off. You can see those pics below as well as a cast signed copy of Fringe Season 2 I won in the raffle and many other cool alternate universe props.

Of all 5 covers my favorite one was the Superman Returns which is an alternate take on Frank Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns. The props I really liked seeing the most were the alt universe currency, the quarantine amber, and the show me ID cards.

Which ones do you like the most?

Special thanks to Meltdown Comics and  Sax Carr who put the event together

– Dennis

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