Batman Beyond #5 (Review)
by Brian Tudor

Batman Beyond Issue 5 CoverThe Batman Beyond mini-series penultimate issue did not disappoint. If you watched Justice League Unlimited you know Cadmus was responsible for Terry McGinnis sharing DNA with Bruce, because Amanda Waller felt the world would always need a Batman. This Amanda Waller is no different, except instead of cloning Bruce Wayne, they decided to clone Dick Grayson. Needless to say it didn’t work out quite as planned. Maybe they got a bit of Jason Todd in the mix?

Issue 5 picks up where 4 left off, Dr. Reid (who we find out is Tommy Elliot’s daughter) is running from Cadmus Security to snitch to the cops about what they have been up to and all the trouble they have caused, like maybe killing all of the Batman foes… past and present, perhaps?

We also come back to find Terry mortally wounded by one of the more aggressive clones of Dick, and this clone has some plans for the Bat-Wraiths. I guess even Bruce Wayne is guilty of not changing his passwords often enough. Anyway, back to Terry. Apparently the new Catwoman had been watching all along, so she is on the scene to patch Terry up so he is able to get back up on his feet. So aside from learning Dr. Reid is Tommy Elliot’s daughter we finally learn the new Catwoman is the daughter of Danton Black (Multiplex, a DC Universe super villains, he was one of Firestorm’s most persistent enemies). So she doe her best Dr. Quinn and sends our young Dark Knight on his way.

Back to Dr. Reid, she is cornered and outnumber and it looks like she will be headed back to Cadmus to be locked away, when our good friend Dick Grayson (the original) swoops in to save the day. I for one am very glad they did not go the Dick Grayson is now evil path for the sake of this story, it would have been too much like The Dark Knight 2 and the less people remember that story the better.

Ok, so obviously I’m recommending you go pick this issue up; I don’t want to spoil the entire issue with my review. The final issue looks like it is going to be a doozy, and I can’t wait.

One more thing… DC has done the right thing and picked Batman Beyond up as a new regular series, so thanks to everyone who has gone out and bought this book!

One more issue of the Hush Beyond story to go… will Neo-Gotham survive?

– Brian Tudor (follow me on Twitter @briantudor)

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