Batman Beyond Issue #4 Review

by Brian Tudor
Batman Beyond Issue 4 Cover ArtBatman Beyond Issue #4… chock full of faces from the past, robots and nine lives. With this issue I love and hate this mini-series all at the same time.

Hush Beyond is bound and determined to kill off the Bat-villains, Bruce Wayne and Terry are on the outs as mentor and mentee. So let’s start with Hush and the new Catwoman, she is full of great surprises, not she’s not just Catwoman in name, but having nine lives certainly come in handy when you have sociopath trying to kill you.

Bruce is slipping in his old age; his Bat-Wraith did not get the job done. So not only did he not get the job done (like he’s been harping on Terry for the past 4 issues), but he lose valuable tech to Hush.

So while Bruce is busy futzing things up, Terry is off on the investigation tracking down none other than the original boy wonder, Dick Grayson. So Terry is doing his Batman thing, questions Grayson as a suspect, and we get an added treat, we get to see why Dick and Bruce no longer speak. Nightwing’s final mission ended in a hail of gunfire due to Bruce’s failure to work within a team. After years of waiting to see what everyone was talking about on the Batman Beyond cartoon we finally have the answer: What happened to Nightwing.

As a Dick Grayson/Nightwing fan, I just want to know what is up with all the hate in all the version of Batman’s future. Frank Miller did it in his horrible Dark Knight 2, and Adam Beechen is doing it here. Honestly, let’s show the boy some love for a change.

Ok, down to business should you buy this issue? Yes, yes you should. The mini-series is half over and things are winding down and heating up all at the same time. I can’t wait to see how this story ends.

– Brian Tudor (follow @briantudor on Twitter)

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