The First Ever 140 Character Comic Book Reviews

by Brian Tudor

Ok, so I’ve been crazy busy and slammed over the past 3 weeks and missed Green Lantern Corps #50 all together. So to make up for my lack of comic book reviewing dedication I proudly present to you my wonderful readers: THE FIRST EVER… 140 CHARACTER COMIC BOOK RE VIEWS.

Here is how this will work I’m going to review 5 issues, in true Twitter style, using only 140 characters to get you to buy or pass on each issue. Aaaaannnnnnd awaaaay we go!

Green Lantern Corps Issue 51 Cover ArtGreen Lantern Corps Issue #50

Cyborg Superman is an Alpha-Lantern, where have all the good robots gone? For a 50th issue there was some serious action. Hi Nekron! Buy it.

Green Lantern Corps Issue 51 Cover ArtGreen Lantern Corps Issue #51

Paging Dr. Ganthet, Cyborg Supes wants to die. Boodikka gets a heart? Penultimate issue for the Alpha’s story arc. Beware their Power. Buy!

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors Issue 1 Cover ArtGreen Lantern: Emerald Warriors Issue #1

New story, starts slow, give it a chance. If you hate Guy Gardner then pass, if you are a Peter Tomasi fan buy. Let’s see where this goes.

Green Arrow Issue 3 Cover ArtGreen Arrow Issue #3

Shot to the head… and the super forest has it’s own Lazarus Pit. Convenient. And a Knight of the Round Table to boot. To soon to tell.

Legion of Super-Heroes Issue 4 Cover ArtLegion of Super-Heroes Issue #4

Darkseid. Lightings find the boys, Titan xenophobia runs rampant. Earth-man is a douche. GL Corps almost dead. Boring. I may drop this book.

Thanks for checking out my little experiment; if you liked what you read please let me know, it was a lot of fun doing it. If you didn’t like it, well… I’ll be back to regular reviews next week.

– Brian Tudor (don’t forget to follow me @briantudor on Twitter)

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