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by Brian Tudor

Independent creators have gained unparalleled access to digital distribution through leading iOS comic platform.

It looks the big comic books publishers aren’t going to have a chance to push the little guys out the digital door.  Image Comics enters the mobile market with the launch of the Image Comics app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app, developed on the leading digital comic book platform by ComiXology, allows fans unprecedented digital access to the creator-owned comics that Image proudly publishes.

ComiXology has been doing a great job of creating iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps for reading comic books on your favorite Apple mobile device. Honestly, ComiXology has me convinced I need to get an iPad. The Image Comics App like the Marvel, DC and ComiXology apps works and looks great; the best part there is currently a ton of free content (full issues), to wet your independent whistle .

The app provides creator-owned books to see the digital light of day while giving the largest organization of independent creators straightforward access to digital distribution which many, if not most have never had before. For so many businesses the Internet is a level playing field, it doesn’t matter if you have 6 employees or 600, you still have the opportunity to win business, and that is what ComiXology has done, given creator’s their own imprint app to get their work out to the digital masses.

I played around with the app a bit, and downloaded the first issues of Robert Kirkman’s the Walking Dead, and just like the rest of the apps in the ComiXology family it worked perfectly. After reading through the first issue on my iPhone I was very impressed with the app, I can only assume these look outstanding on an iPad. The addition of the app brings comics one-step closer to the digital age.

After I reviewed the DC Comics app, I said I didn’t think digital apps would be spelling doom for the print comic book industry. I still believe that, you still can’t get this week’s issues online currently, but what the Image app does that the DC and Marvel apps don’t, is provide a chance for you to find the next Bone or Walking Dead. If a creator does not have the funds to print their work or distributor to spread it to the public, why not throw it on on the Image app and sell if for $1.99 along with the big dogs? We are in a new age of communications and something good is hard to keep under wraps for too long any more thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more. This app can do nothing but good for the creator-owned comic book world.

Brian Tudor (don’t forget to follow @briantudor on Twitter)

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