Brightest Day Issue #8 Review
by Brian Tudor

This week’s Brightest Day takes a step back from last week’s explosive issue, but we still get some nice story progressions. I feel like this series is really starting to pick up steam and find it’s way. What it has taken me eight issues to realize is the virtue of this story is resurrection. It will not share the pace of Blackest Night, Brightest Day is about rebuilding and finding a new way.

Brightest Day issue #8 looks amazing! Hawkworld is a truly alien planet (or portal as the case may be), and the pencils and inks really captured it this month. It is a dark and violent place, and the reveal to what Hawkworld really is was very, VERY cool. I know I have not been the biggest fan of the Hawks, but Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi are doing their best to change my mind.

We started the issue with Boston Brand, Hawk and Dove, discussing their visions from last issue. Hawk shares what he saw about Dove and a boomerang to the chest, and when they ask the White Ring why Dove needs protections the ring indignantly replies, “We all need protection. And we need a new protector. So start searching.” Dove then hops a ride with Boston as the White Ring teleports him away.

The Martina Manhunter storyline is the other big story arc in this issue. J’onn and Miss Martian look at the crazed Martian running amok on Earth. It turns out that J’onn may or may not be the only surviving Green Martian, and the insights into the Green vs. White Martian civil war was really cool. Especially since I honestly don’t know as much about Martian Manhunter’s history as I should.

Anyway, this is another solid outing for the Brightest Day series, even without visiting Firestorm or Aquaman (who will be featured next issue I’m sure, the title is “Black Manta Returns”. So run out and pick this one up, and if you can find it there is a great Firestorm variant cover.

Brian Tudor

Brightest Day Issue 8 cover

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