Of all the books I picked up this week, Batman Beyond wins hands down my favorite. The issue picks up right where last month’s book left off. HUSH is making his play for Calendar Man, to kill him like the rest of the Bat-foe retirees. We still don’t know who HUSH is in this book, but much like the Joker in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, he is getting in Terry’s head by calling him pretender and not taking him seriously as a threat.

The constant bickering between Bruce and Terry is one of the brightest spots of this mini-series. Adam Beechen has really captured the frustration of Bruce, he is on the sidelines and Terry is trying to be his own Batman, while balancing his life. We all understand the delicate balance of the work like, so it adds a bit of realism to the fantastic story that is the Batman. When Terry lets Bruce down by failing to save Calendar Man, you can physically feel the rift between the two Batmen widen and when Terry finally discovers what was behind the curtain (hint, it’s not a wizard), you can feel it split.

This issue has a lot of drama and really progresses the story forward, plus we get a couple of blasts from the past that I was not expecting. I’ll leave you with this; this mini-series is worth every penny of the $2.99 cover price. If you are not reading this you should, it’s a great new take on an existing story with a compelling hero and terrifying villain, with the all of the past Bat-history at Beechen’s disposal. The last three issues has the potential to go anywhere, especially with the characters re-introduced this month.

Go, what are you waiting for, you can read this on your phone on your way to your comic book shop.

Brian Tudor

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