Hector Hammond is in the upcoming Green Lantern movie… thus Hector Hammond will be in the Green Lantern book for the foreseeable future. I have a question for all you Green Lantern readers… do you see the similarities between the look of Hector Hammond and Sinestro, or is it just me?

It is always a treat to get a glimpse inside Hammond’s head, where he is the hero and Hal Jordan is the deformed villain. Oh, and Carol Ferris loves him instead of Hal. He certainly has some interesting visions. His adventure doesn’t last very long and it is quickly obvious Hammond is still in his prison.

A powerful telepath like Hector Hammond has to be controlled with drugs and guards wear telepathic inhibitor helmets to keep him out. Too bad for the guards the mysterious Guardian is still in Vegas and give Hammond a nice little power bump and evil “mind rats” attach paving the way for his escape.

The best and worst parts of this issue… the return of our greedy little friend Larfleeze. YAY!

It is the best part because; it is great to catch up with him. He’s been terrorizing the community of North Branch, Minnesota. To the tune of 276 broad day break-ins, he and is orange constructs taking pretty much what ever they desire, most notably the Sheriff’s Wife’s pink yard flamingo. I love the idea of Larfleeze and his “Corps” invading some small random town and reeking havoc on them.

Ok now the worst part. Larfleeze himself. He looks like a cuddly plush character in this issue. He should not look clean and cuddly; he should look ragged, dirty and smelly.

While Hal is trying to talk Larfleeze down from his crime spree, Hector Hammond shows up looking for the Orange Entity (Ophidian), which has been trapped in the Orange Lantern, and as Larfleeze admits; it was a bit tricky getting him in there. Hammond is able to free and bond with the entity Ophidian, and he looks awesome!

One last note, we catch up with Saint Walker and Rene Montoya laying the Question’s body to rest, we learn from Walker that earth is blessed as the Blue Entity Adara is here.

The main Green lantern title is shaping up to be the best of the bunch and I can’t wait to see what happens with the Red, Indigo, Violet and Blue Entities. Will the end up captured like Parallax (yellow) and Ion (green)? We will see.

Brian Tudor

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