The cover of Green Arrow issue #2 has a distinct call back to the trailer of Predators when Adrian Brody has several Predator targeting lasers all over him, except it’s Ollie and Hal Jordan in the crosshairs.

The issue starts with some mysterious Robin Hood (not Green Arrow) looking fellow walking through Star City Forest. I’m not sure what that was all about, but I’m sure J.T. Krul will let us know more next month, hopefully. Aside from our mysterious guest, the issue starts off right where issue #1 left off, and Hal is trying to figure out why his ring cut out when he got close to the Forest. Ollie thinks it might be some kind of fallout or an E.M.P., but there is a glowing White Lantern symbol on a tree. Hal gives Green Arrow readers a brief synopsis of what the White Lantern means who it brought back. Oh, and Ollie is home in the Forest, cut off from the world.

So we get one page dedicated to the mystery woman taking over Queen Industries… um, maybe we could cover a little more of this in issue #2? Again more next month, hopefully.

Ollie has an ArrowCave, give Hal a tour of his new underground bachelor pad, while a group of commandos drop in to the Forest. Hal drops some knowledge on Ollie about not calling it the ArrowCave. So after leaving the arrow cave, our Hard Traveling Heroes are ambushed, by the group of commandos who’s electronic equipment has stopped working. Diogenes Neves and Vicente Cifuentes give use a beautifully illustrated fight between the commandos and heroes. Ollie sure has the forest set up for the ultimate home field advantage, and he and Hal fight off the intruders.

The issue winds down with Hal attempting to get Ollie out of the woods and back to the Watchtower. Oliver graciously declines.

The issue ends with a scene taken straight out of Batman: Hush with a rope being cut, and the final page sets a definite direction for the future of the Green Arrow book, and is an image I would love to have as a print.

Happy reading, as the story of the Emerald Archer continues.

Brian Tudor

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