The secret of life is a cheeseburger? I know I enjoy a great burger, so it is nice to see Geoff Johns finally sharing the secrets of the Universe. This issue is chock full of action and answers, so I’ll cut to the chase… go pick this issue up! I’ve pretty been critical of Brightest Day, so I am very excited to see something finally happening, this issue did a great job at answering the question of the resurrection, while setting up the next steps in the saga of Brightest Day.

After his tasty meal Boston Brand, Hawk and Dove are tossed over to Silver City, New Mexico. If you don’t remember, that’s where the crater holding the White Lantern power batter is hanging out. Hawk does his manliest best to pick it up… and like Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and Sinestro he has zero luck. Then Boston steps up and does his best King Arthur imitation and is transformed to the White Lantern Deadman, and the Entity drops all sorts of knowledge on him:

·  The Entity has watched over Earth since the beginning of existence
·  The Entity is dying
·  And a replacement must be chosen…

This flipped a switch and all 12 of the resurrected Heroes and Villains received cryptic directions accompanied by a vision of what they must do to truly live again:

· Martian Manhunter – “Burn it. Burn it down. Burn all of it.
· Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) – “You need to study”
· Firestorm (Jason Rusch) – “You need to get your head out of the books
· Firestorm – “Learn from each other so you can stop him. Don’t let him destroy me.”
· Hawkman – “Don’t let them leave this world. Stop the Queen.”
· Hawkgirl – “If your lover dies here there is no more resurrection. Save him from Hath-Set.”
· Aquaman – “Find him first.”
· Captain Boomerang – “Throw the boomerang at her.”
· Jade – “Balance the darkness. Your brother will save your friends.”
· Amon Tomaz – “Free the Goddess of Nature. Free you sister. Free Isis.”
· Maxwell Lord – “Magog will plunge this world into war. Stop the war before it starts.
· Professor Zoom – “You have allowed the Flash to escape the Speed Force. Mission Acomplished. Life returned.”
·Hawk – “Catch the boomerang.”

So everyone has their assignment, good and/or bad, but Boston received the most important assignment of all he is the white lantern version of Mogo. A new protector of Earth must rise, and like any good ring scanning for a sentient replacement, he must find that replacement. Next month the search is on!

Brian Tudor

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