This is going to be a short one because I wasn’t crazy about this month’s Legion of Super-Heroes.

The “cat” is out of the bag! The Legion now knows Earth-Man has a Green Lantern Ring. Could Green Lantern be in any more books? I love Green Lantern more than most, but really the 31st century may not be the best place to tell a GL story. However, I did really like GL Earth-Man’s Lantern uniform, it was pretty cool. That is where the good ends. I want to know how and why Earth-Man was picked to wield the last Green Lantern ring, he does nothing but fear. Oh well, hopefully the ring finds a new bearer soon.

The smackdown between Earth-Man and Colossal Boy was supposed to be giant-sized… but it wasn’t obvious EM adsorbed CB’s powers until Cosmic Boy showed up. It would have been nice if the prospective had been clearer. Then GL Earth-Man just took off for parts unknown because the ring “willed” it.

Saturn Queen continued her attack on the Titan clean up Legionnaires, until back-up showed up to flip the script. I mean literally flip it, Sensor Girl in probably the lamest power ever manipulated Braniac 5 and Tryoc’s environment and turned them loose on Saturn Queen. Thankfully it appears this part of the story is over for now.

Lighting Lad and Saturn Girl are still trying to track down their boys, had no luck and ended up someplace ‘hot”. Durlans are up to something and want revenge on Earth. Both were kind of throwaway storylines this month.

Not a lot of things happened in this book but nothing ground breaking, and you probably won’t miss out on much if you skip it, just leaf through it to get the gist.

– Brian Tudor

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