I am really enjoying this story, Adam Beechen’s script and storytelling is great. The one thing I’m really not feeling is the way Ryan Benjamin draws faces of the citizens of Neo-Gotham. They all either look sunken in, lopsided or flat. However, Benjamin has nailed the Batman Beyond suit. Terry is drawn lean, graceful and powerful. It can’t be easy to draw him at various Spider-man like angles, but the art team really pulls it off.

Ok, that being said, issue #2 of this six-part mini-series continues the search for who is murdering Batman’s past villains. Is it really HUSH returned after so many years? We still have 4 more issues to find out, but we get a little history on the demise of HUSH, in his “final” battle with Bruce Wayne’s Batman. The Batman Beyond team gives us some great callbacks to some Batman villains of yesteryear, further tying Batman Beyond into continuity.

Terry even gets his very own Catwoman in this issue, even though she looks more like one of the aliens from the old Fox TV show Space: Above and Beyond. I’m not saying she doesn’t look cool, because she does, armed with laser glasscutters, grapplers and claws. She is a great looking character, and I’m looking forward to seeing more in the remaining issues. Terry shows he really understands the history of the Batman and his villains, with the excitement of having his very own Catwoman, now with extra flirty banter to boot. Terry reminds me a lot of Dick Grayson with his approach to crime fighting and his relationship with Bruce.

Which leads me to the Terry/Bruce dynamic. Something is breaking down between the two Batmen, and I see it coming to a head very soon. Bruce is snippy with Terry as if he is a petulant child. Keeping secrets don’t help anyone either, Bruce is working on some kind of secret project behind closed doors. Terry keeps asking what it is, and his curiosity is dismissed. Ok, I haven’t read any spoilers or solicitations for upcoming issues, but I’m calling it now: Batrobot for Bruce to have a final battle with HUSH or whoever it may be killing his rogue’s gallery. This will be the wedge that eventually tears Terry and Bruce apart and hopefully leads to a regular series.

It brings me great joy for the second month in a row to be able to recommend the Batman Beyond mini-series as a solid pick up. Make sure it is in your stack of books when you check out during your next visit to your local comic book shop.

Brian Tudor

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