Brightest Day Issue #6, what can I say? Well for one, we have actual momentum in a couple of the main storylines, but we have an issue without a payoff from a big event in the previous issue. Look I know this is a bi-weekly book, but please Geoff Johns give us some balance in the stories.

Last issue Johns and crew finally get me interested in the Hawks… this week, nary a feather or Nth Metal mace to be found.

This issue starts with a creature looking very similar to a green Martian, involved in the brutal slaying of an unsuspecting couple, and while the art looks nice as usual it’s kind of confusing and I’m not sure where this part of the story is going. Key in everybody’s favorite Martian Manhunter in Colorado killing every plant he comes in contact. He’s on some sort of mission, but really I don’t care. Not even a brief cameo of Oracle or Connor Kent can save this lame duck story.

Deadman, is once again featured prominently in this issue hanging with Hawk and Dove II, and would you believe the white ring is “messing” with him as he tries to raise Holly Granger (Hawk II) from the grave. The ring gives Deadman a nice little warning to stop trying to bring folks back from the grave. The image of a Black Lantern Hawk II, really makes me nostalgic for the days of Blackest Night and the all out War of Light. This part of the story is starting to get stale, if next week’s cover is any kind of spoiler there should be some nice action from this part of our Brightest Day journey.

FIRESTORM is back!!!! Jason and Ronnie as sharing their telepathic link through the Firestorm Matrix, but there is someone else in there… can we say Black Lantern Firestorm? Watching these two (Ronnie and Jason) have to work together is a great treat, Jason hates Ronnie for turning his girlfriend into a pillar of salt when he was a Black Lantern. While, Ronnie just want to get back to his pre-superhero life and party. The best part of the Firestorm portion this week… projectile vomiting some Black Lantern liquid all over some poor schmuck. Oh and we find out that Ronnie may have remembered what he did when controlled by the black ring during the Blackest Night.

Finally, we revisit Aquaman and Mera, after the bombshell she dropped last week. She was initially sent here to kill the King of Atlantis, but fell in love with him and didn’t complete her mission. Now, her sister Siren is here to finish the job and we learned why Black Manta murdered Mera and Aquaman’s son.

All and all this was a better issue than last week, but I would like to see more balance in the story telling, and for the pace to be picked up just a bit. If I wasn’t reviewing this issue or collecting all the single issues; I would go ahead and just read this issues at your local comic book store.

Brian Tudor

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