Hawkworld is revealed; did the Hawks end up in Land of the Lost or something? Whatever, my thoughts on the Hawks has been well documented, so it came as a surprise to me when I enjoyed their portion of Brightest Day #5 greatly. Carter and Shiera had some great battles only to be separated by the end of the issue. The best moment of their portion of this issue, their kiss. Reverting momentarily to their Black Lantern forms, black tar and all was awesome. I am excited for this storyline to continue.

Ok, so I jumped ahead a bit, because I wanted to open this review with a bit of awesome. Now for the not so awesome part of this issue: Obama’s administration and BP can’t stop the oil spill… let’s send Aquaman and Mera. UGH! Thank you DC/Geoff Johns for beating that dead horse over our collective heads. A woman looking a lot like Mera attacks Aquaman and Mera with a team of whatever’s that look a lot like Hellboy’s Abe Sapien. Battles ensue, Aquaman thinks they were sent to stop him, I’m guessing by BP. They fight, it looks pretty good except the inks are a little off and the even though the oil in the water is now on fire it looks blood red like the sky at sunset, rather than an oil filled blue-ish black. There is a huge reveal dealing with Aquaman and Mera at the end of this issue, if you don’t buy it at least flip to the back to have a look.

Ever since the War of Light, it seems anyone with a ring of power is interested in raising Dove, Don Hall. I am not sure how many different ways we the reader can be told he is at peace, let me rest already. Hawk (Hank Hall, not to be confused with Hawkman, Carter Hall) is adamant Boston Brand (the now living Deadman) use his white ring to resurrect the original Dove. In a brilliant flash of white light Boston Brand is thrown from the grave, and to Hawk’s dismay echo’s Dove’s sentiment; Don Hall is at peace. However, not everyone buried with the birds is at peace and we leave Boston Brand, Hawk and Dove II; at the grave of Hawk II with the white ring warning “Boston… you should not be doing this”.

This was a pretty good issue of Brightest Day (aside from the oil spill storyline), but it took two readings to really grasp everything that was happening. No Martian Manhunter this issue, no Firestorm (much to my chagrin), so hopefully in the next issue we will see those storylines progress, but as for this one, go pick it up.

Brian Tudor

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