Green Lantern #55 opens with The Spectre searching for the Red entity, the Butcher. The opening splash page is an awesome picture of The Spectre overlooking a field of slaughtered cows. The slaughtered cows aren’t the awesome part, I’m not that sick.

Picking up where Green Lantern #54 left off the Main Man Lobo is attacking Atrocitus because of some interstellar bounty, on a second epic splash page. At this rate Green Lantern #55 will just keep having epic splash page after epic splash page. Ok, the image of Hal Jordan bike jacking Lobo’s space bike and muzzling Lobo’s dog is pretty cool, nicely done Green Lantern art team (Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy).

So, long story short, Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, Sinestro and Atrocitus (with an assist from the greatest Red Lantern, Dex-Starr) take on Lobo in a very destructive battle, where Lobo can’t “swing a dead cat without hitting someone with a power ring”. The New Guardians certainly work well as a team against the Main Man, showing some unity. Kind of like I can talk s**t about my friend, but if you try your gonna get a beatin’.

The issue ends with a nice twist the bounty on Atrocitus was paid for by Atrocitus himself, and he used Lobo to unite the New Guardians to his own ends. Oh and he gave Lobo a nice shiny new Red Lantern power ring, as an open offer to join up.

Now for my favorite part of the issue… we are treated to a nice back up story, the origins of the one and only Dex-Starr. We are taken from his travels as a found kitten, finding love and losing it all and embracing the rage that gets him inducted into the Red Lantern Corps. Good Kitty.

This issue was just ok; it didn’t do a whole lot to progress the story of the New Guardians looking for each Corps entity. Next month looks to be a little more exciting as we see the return of Larfleeze, to find out just where in the world he is, kind of like a greedy Waldo.

Brian Tudor

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