I finished season 2 of True Blood last night and although there were parts of the second season that I wasn’t a fan of, I am more than addicted to it, I can’t wait to watch the three episodes of the new season, so let’s get to it, shall we.

I knew it wasn’t going to be Lafayette in the car at the end of season one, he was my first thought, but I was sure they would not kill off his character. Gut feeling, I haven’t read these books, I have no idea what the back story for any of these characters is. I loved that the show opened exactly where it left off, it meant they had to be creative with the new looks of the characters but I thought they handled that very well, the best example being Eric, the fact that getting his already prepped hair covered in blood resulted in his ridiculously sexy short cut.

I wasn’t sure about the Jessica character and didn’t trust her at first when Sook-eh was attempting to bond with her but I find her character extremely intriguing, her subplot is interesting and doesn’t get on my nerves. I absolutely love that she regains her virginity every time she has sex. Adolescence is already so hard to weave through, I’d hate to be a horny vampire with a constantly regenerating hymen to boot.

What I didn’t like was Maryann. At first I thought they were going with some nouveau werewolf creature but other than really long gross fingernails it turned out they had no similarities and the season villain was a maenad which in theory I think was great but I felt the actress Michelle Forbes was not the right fit. I was ready for them to find a way to kill her off before her super natural powers were even fully revealed.

Thankfully there was enough left in the season that even with Maryann taking up the majority of the second season story line I had more than enough to feast my eyes and mind on. Jason going off with the Jesus Campers aka the Fellowship of the Sun church fit his character. I adore his character, Ryan Kwanten makes Jason Stackhouse such a believable guy that he can pretty much do no wrong for me, whether he has me killing myself laughing at him or screaming at the TV because he is being such a dip-shit, I never get sick of his antics. I think True Blood took a genuine risk with him, wanting a ditzy blonde male over a ditzy blonde female and it paid off. Sook-eh needs her brother, that much is clear, but she spends as much time taking care of him as he does her.

I’m finding the realism of the writing brought into the dynamic of this super natural world built around Bon Temps very refreshing. It doesn’t feel like I’m watching a bloody, violent, highly sexual show when I’m watching True Blood. I may not be a vampire or be able to read people’s minds, but I relate to the show on a lot of levels I never saw coming. There are so many fantastic shows on HBO yet a show about vampires is the second most watched ever for the network, there really isn’t anything this show doesn’t have, except a werewolf. But I have a feeling that might be on the way.

And I almost forgot, the vampire queen, can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

See you all in Roth’s comments!


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