Alpha-Lanterns have a new leader… Cyborg Superman! As well done as this issue is I find it very, very hard to believe the Guardians would allow a know enemy like Cyborg Superman to “reprogram” their Alpha-Lantern Corps without their knowledge.

So my favorite part of this issue, John Stewart and Alpha-Lantern Boodikka, their interaction on the way down to Grenda all the way up to her betrayal of John and his ultimate capture. These are two veteran Lanterns who have both been in the thick of the action for many years, on top of that they have some serious history. Boodikka cannot fathom the reason John Stewart turned down the opportunity to be an Alpha Lantern, while John cannot begin to grasp why anyone would willing become a ‘robot’.

Kyle Rayner… what can I say. Jade is resurrected; he’s having dreams staring her while living with Natu. Ganthet saved him, in the form a late night visit to Kyle because every Alpha-Lantern has high tailed it off of OA. Again, I am finding it hard to believe after everything that has happened since the inception of the Alpha-Lantern Corps the Green Lantern Corps or Guardians would not notice more Alpha-Lanterns hanging around OA or the fact they all left OA at the same time.

There is even a nice Deadman Brightest Day tie in with a couple of pages on Qward in the Antimatter universe, with some beleaguered looking Weaponers coming across a left behind white construct from Deadman’s battle with the Anti-Monitor.

The final page of this issue is EPIC. A fully operational Cyborg Superman preparing to get to work on a captured and seemingly helpless John Stewart. Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns is certainly delivering with a great follow up to Blackest Night, I can’t wait to see what happens next month.

Brian Tudor

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