Titan is gone; Saturn has lost a moon due to the explosion of the Time Institute where they ventured to look back to the creation of the Universe. Now the once prosperous moon is rubble, Alderaan style. This leaves the Legion on clean up duty, when they should be on Search and Rescue duty… at least according to some Legionnaires. A lot of Legionnaires make appearances in the opening pages, I was impressed with the new look of Wildfire; he looks more like a badass and less like Master Chief. Just like in issue 1 Cinar’s art is outstanding.

Saturn Queen is back and makes quick work of the Legion Titan “work detail”, getting into the mind of Ultra-Boy; using him to put down the Legion members assisting with the clean up. After putting down his friends in space Saturn Queen has Ultra-Boy make his way to Earth in order to destroy the Legion headquarters. He takes on Cosmic Boy and Earth-Man until Saturn Queen’s mind control is broken when he comes across Phantom Girl. I want to see Saturn Queen back and causing lots of problems for the Legion in the series, she makes a nice foil and she managed to quite a very condescending Brainiac 5.

The Lighting Twins are back in this issue, and Lighting Lad learns his twin sons have vanished just before the destruction of Titan and Saturn Girl is in hot pursuit with a time bubble. Lighting Lass does her best to calm her brother and they both take off to find Saturn Girl and his boys. This is an interesting storyline and could potentially involve Darkseid, it would be really awesome to see him poke his head out in the 31st century.

Earth-Man is now a full fledged member of the Legion, and to go with his Legion flight ring he also has a Green Lantern ring of power. Of course non of his Legion teammates know he has the Green Lantern ring, and are under the assumptions his powers are under their control. The issue closes out with Earth-Man beginning to recite a familiar oath.

One of the most interesting storylines of this new Legion series is the xenophobic attitude of the planet Earth. Aliens are being persecuted on Earth, the survivors of Titan are not welcome, even alien Legionnaires are open to attack just like they are any random alien on Earth. Legion books to me have always been about being open and accepting of differences and getting the most out of each other, now for the first time, they have to think twice about which Legionnaire goes on missions and which stay at HQ.

Brian Tudor

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