Green Arrow is back, and he is in full on vigilante mode. Green Arrow issue 1 picks up in the middle of the action. Several “punks” (typically drawn, mohawks, piercings and tattoos) are chasing a woman though the forest. I should mention this forest has mysteriously popped up in the center of Star City, right where part of the city was destroyed. Anyway, Green Arrow swings in and saves the day, but in a much more brutal style than I’m used to seeing from Ollie, and I like it.

Writer J.T. Krul has captured the spirit of the Emerald Archer beautifully, and Diogenes Neves pencils bring him to life in each panel, on each page. The image of Ollie’s arrow ripping through the nose piercing from “Random Punk #1” looks great, and really shows this creative crew understands that a brutal Ollie doesn’t have to be a murderer.

Ok, so we have a mystical forest, full of ‘the Learning Tree’ giving Green Arrow everything he needs to continue his mission and stay one step ahead of the new Star City Authorities, whom have made Oliver Queen public enemy number 1. Oh, yeah Green Arrow truly is Robin Hood now, taking from the establishment and giving to the poor. He is even full of regret for not having better used his fortune when it was his to use.

So issue 1 is setting up a several storylines, 1) Green Arrow is a man with nothing to lose and will do whatever it takes to protect his people and his city. 2) The mayor and the police are out to get him. 3) The people love him. 4) Queen Industries is in shambles and the mysterious Isabel Rochev has plans to return Queen Industries to the former glory they enjoyed under the leadership of Ollie’s father Patrick Queen.

As a big Green Arrow fan I’m excited for the new series and like seeing Ollie back to his vigilante roots in this book. The writing was very good, the art even better and it appears the creative team has a real understanding of the character and how to take him on and exciting adventure. Green Lantern showing up and having his ring of power drained by the mystical forest at the end of the book doesn’t hurt either.

Brian Tudor

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