Brightest Day #4 starts off with my least favorite storyline of the entire event, the Hawks (Hawkman and Hawkwoman). I don’t find their story very compelling and in this issue I did not care much for how they were drawn, Hawkwoman looked a little too much like WWE NXT rookie Heath Slater. They finally stepped through the gate made of the bodies of their past lives, and end up “not in Kansas”. It looks like we have to wait two more weeks to see if this storyline ever gets off the ground (aaahhh, flying humor… yuck!).

I was excited to see Deadman being dumped into Dove’s bedroom and getting smacked in the face for stopping by at such a late hour. Hawk (Hank Hall, it’s hard to keep all these birds straight) took none to kindly to Dove’s gentleman caller, invited or otherwise. I love they way Hawk and Dove were drawn in this issue; they are such stark contrasts of each other (War & Peace). Deadman getting used to people being able to see him again is one of my favorite parts of the resurrected Boston Brand; it is all a little awkward. After explaining what he (Deadman) was doing in Dove’s room, Hawk decides he has a little mission for Deadman and his newly acquired White Lantern ring’s abilities.

Now I think Geoff Johns & Company are just messing with us, by throwing in a new character in the desert of New Mexico, named Jackson Hyde, in the middle of the book, with little to no explanation of who or what he is. If you have not visited DC Universe: The Source this addition is a complete mystery, as not to spoil you I recommend a visit to the Source to find out the identity of this mystery man from New Mexico who cannot swim, if you are so inclined. Enough on Jackson until he is properly introduced, however the way he is drawn he does look a lot like Virgil ‘Static Shock’ Hawkins, but he is not Static.

So I was thinking this book felt a little light, and we were missing out on some Firestorm-y goodness, but Brightest Day #4 did not disappoint. They progressed the Firestorm story more in three pages than the six pages given to the Hawks. Ronnie receives a sodium rich visitor from his past, which may have something to do with Jason’s subconscious, we will have to wait to find out more. For the first time since Brightest Day started I am excited to get the next issue, because I feel like there may be a visit from the Black Lantern Firestorm in the near future.

All of this leaves us with the second time I was excited to see what happens in the next issue of Brightest Day, we find out Hawk’s plans for Deadman and the White Lantern ring, and what will hopefully be an excellent test of it’s capabilities and limits. Who will rise next?

Brian Tudor

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