Legion of Super-Heroes 1 hit the shelves a couple of weeks ago and I was excited for a couple of reasons, a new Legion book and a Green Lantern presence in a Legion book. Besides being hooked in by great cover art, the story is pretty compelling as well. Legion of Super-Heroes 1 picks up in the 31 century after the events of Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. The story picks up with the Legion spread thin across the galaxy and Earthgov wants the Legion off Earth, unless they make a few concessions. Paul Levitz is laying some great groundwork for a compelling and lasting Legion story.

I’m not sure where they are going with the Green Lantern tie in. It seems like the Corps is dead, apparently leaving Sodam Yat the last Green Lantern living alone on OA. After the Time Institute breaks the Guardian’s primary rule, never travel back in time to see the moment of the universe’s creation. He sheds a signal tear and brings forth Dyogene, who then proceeds to Earth to offer the incarcerated Earth-Man the Green Lantern ring for sector 2814. We will see where this goes over course of the story, but I’m not 100% onboard just yet.

All that being said, I liked the writing and Yildiray Cinar’s art for the most part, only couple of things bothered me about the art. I did not care for Saturn Girl’s look, the short new “mom cut” hairstyle; just didn’t click with me. The other bit of character design I didn’t particularly care for, was Brainiac 5’s lovely euro trash meets mad scientist look. Those two minor aspect aside, this book looks and feel like a Legion book should.

I am excited to go back for more next month and see just where Levitz words and Cinar’s art will take this story in the coming months. We will hopefully find out who or what is Dyogene? Where did Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad’s twins go? And what will Earth-Man choose, Legion or Lantern?

– Brian Tudor

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