When I headed down to the local comic book store to pick up Brightest Day, I was a little upset they did not have the variant cover of Deadman squaring off against the Anti-Monitor, not because I don’t think the regular cover isn’t great, it is; because the idea of a White Lantern Deadman against the Anti-Monitor is just cool.

The Brightest Day series is perplexing me, the writing is great, the art is amazing and each week I find it a struggle to get through the book. The problem? Brightest Day is reminding me just a little too much of season three of LOST. We’ve had the amazing Rebirth story, the frantic ADD inducing Sinestro Corps War (my personal favorite Green Lantern story probably ever), the DCU shattering Blackest Night and now Brightest Day. I don’t think Johns is telling a bad story, but I just don’t care enough about all of the characters to want just a snippet of each in a bi-weekly story. I feel like they brought too many characters “back” to be included in this story, Maxwell Lord is off in Justice League: Generation Lost, I don’t care where Capt. Boomerang went and as for the family Hawks… zzzzzz.

I want to see more about Martian Manhunter and his “investigation”, in this issue we get an entire two pages of his story, with some of the best art in the book. While, I’m not an Aquaman fan by any stretch of the imagination, I’m loving his story. Telepathically contacting an reanimating dead sea life, how is that not cool, and the zombie great white shark attacking him was ah-mazing! I mentioned Deadman already, and he finally gets to put that shiny new ring to use, unleashing his “White Lantern Corps” on the Anti-Monitor was so cool, I want more.

Finally, what I am finding the most compelling and interesting storyline of Brightest Day… Firestorm. That’s right, Firestorm. The whole idea that Jason and Ronnie were thrown together to form Black Lantern Firestorm was great. Ronnie coming back to life and having to deal with Jason’s anger because BL Firestorm turned his girlfriend into salt, which is the kind of character driven storytelling Johns does so well.

Should you rush out to get Brightest Day #3? Probably not, it can wait.

– Brian Tudor

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