This issue of Green Lantern Corps, led by a new creative team, is a great jumping on point for the next big storyline, ‘Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns’. In this issue we have secret pacts among enemies, have a Guardian of the Universe willing to get his hands dirty and provide a beacon of faith for the remaining Guardians, a guarded partnership searching for answers and a group of powerful Lanterns consolidating their powerbase to what ends, we will have to wait to see. It looks Green Lantern Corps readers are in for more of the great storytelling they have come to expect from this series.

New series writer Tony Bedard’s Green Lantern Corps issue 48 is still dealing with the aftermath of the events that took place during the Blackest Night. The issue opens with Lantern Guy Gardner and Blue Lantern Guardian of the Universe Ganthet in a clandestine meeting with Red Lantern Atrocitus. These three are up to something and we are not privy to the plan just yet, only that requires Ganthet to resign his duties as a Guardian (of any Lantern Corps) and Gardner and Hal Jordan will be finished as friends once their plan is set in motion.

What happens next is nothing short of miracle as Ganthet, the first of the Guardians to find use in a name; proceeds to not let the Guardians hide in their citadel cut off from the universe they have sworn to protect. Rather, he steps up to take on the role of Green Lantern of Sector 0 (OA). The next pages are iconic to any Green Lantern fan, Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes show the legendary Green Lantern Foundry where Ganthet goes through the potentially lethal process of forging his own power battery and ring.

During the Blackest Night thousands of Black Lanterns reigned terror and destruction across the face of OA, in the aftermath of the War of Light the Green Lantern Corps led by John Stewart and Kyle Rayner are rebuilding the planet. John Stewart is called away by the Guardians and assigned to partner with Alpha-Lantern Boodikka, because of his talent for stealth and infiltration, for a mission to investigate why all communications have been cut off from the planet Grenda, and where Green Lantern Drill Sergeant STEL has disappeared.

The final sub-plot of this issue deals with Green Lantern Glibberquip, searching for his rookie partner Hraalkar, who he believes has gone missing. In reality Hraalkar possesses the ‘ability to enforce justice’ and has be “requisitioned” to the Alpha-Lantern Corps… a fait that befalls Glibberquip in the closing pages, as the Alpha-Lanterns seem to be in the midst of a membership drive of sorts.

– Brian Tudor

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