Later this month, one the very few non-corporate owned franchises, Terminator, will be going up for sale in an auction from its current owners The Halycon Company. They picked up the rights for $25 million in 2007, and after the failure (in terms of box office expectations and critics) of Terminator Salvation, the company has no choice but sell their most valuable assest.

Some people are predicting the franchise going between 40 to 60 million dollars, with Sony Pictures being the leading interested party.  Purchase of the franchise gives rights to future films, TV shows, video games, and merchandise (however no rights to Terminator movies 1 and 2).

For reference, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were sold to Nickolodeon for $60 million last month, and the entire Marvel franchise and its hundreds of characters were sold to Disney for $4 billion.

What do you think the Terminator franchise will go for? Also do you think anyone can resurrect this brand?

Personally I love the franchise, but was hugely disappointed in Terminator Salvation, and then was doubly depressed when the vastly underrated Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles show was cancelled. I would love to see someone with the right vision come in and make the franchise like it used to be.

– Dennis


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