The debate over Avatar and it’s photo-reality definitely won’t be determined until the film premieres in a couple of months., but I’m hoping we’re in the midst of a huge advertising and marketing push to really fill those goddamn seats. My vote has already been cast on the photo-real debate, and I’ve come to bring more evidence that your eyes will indeed fall out of your head from blunt-force trauma via too much beauty on December 18th.

I’ve uploaded the HD quality versions so you can really get the most out of it; really blow them up and look at the detail on the Na’vi and the foliage of Pandora. I know you say it’s not photo-real, but I implore you — this is more than just good CGI at work. Also, the new mind-blowingly awesome, insanely epic, and absolutely friggin’ gorgeous trailer is in theaters right now attached to Amelia (whyFOXwhy!) and, I believe, Saw VI but we’ll have the official HD version for you when it crashes Apple’s servers next Thursday, October 29th.

Oh, and just a side note: you can totally see Zoe Saldana’s face in that flying shot; that is absolutely her smile. Sigourney Weaver is without a doubt the most spot on of all them, but the more I look at Jake’s avatar the more I see Sam Worthington.




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