True Blood Ep 12 Season Finale Blog/Review

“You may have your faults Andy, but at least you got pants on.”  You know it’s funny because that’s exactly what my boss said to me at my last performance review. This takes the prize as my favorite line of the season finale. Though there were some other choice options as well:  Jason’s; “If a tree falls in the woods, it’s still a tree ain’t it.”,” Not with kid glock on my side” and “its times like these that this town needs a good man Andy, and that man is us” and finally Lafayette’s “I don’t think it’s healthy for a Mo-Fo to know everything they done, it’s like knowing what’s in the sausage – just eat it – hell enjoy it.” 

Overall this was an episode of wrap up and set up. It seemed to climax early on with the death of Maryann – finally! And then settle in to plot foundations for the coming season.  I think I would have felt a deeper sense of satisfaction from Maryann’s well deserved impaling had I not already been so removed from investment in that story. For me it simply repeated itself too much and dragged on too long for me to engage fully. Though –Michelle Forbes performance was fantastic; I found her final, “Was there never any God?” just sort of pathetic – but perhaps that was the intent. It did feel satisfying to see Sam squeeze that heart to pieces. Also priceless: Lafayette in the bridesmaid dress. 

A few twiggly danglers on the Maryann storyline: Why did they kill Ms. Jeannette (a potential “vessel”) without the benefit of the ceremony to call in the God? Also, why did they put her body in Andy Bellefleur’s car? Was it just as a what – warning? Intimidation aimed at Sam? There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of logic in that tactic. It seems that this would simply drive him away, but what do I know about how a Meanad thinks. As to that – what makes Sam so special? He certainly isn’t a sixteen year old virgin any longer. Why would Daphne not have done as a sacrifice? If they were going to sacrifice Sam in such an elaborate way – why is he the ONLY one that Eggs did not cut the heart out of? That seems to make little to no sense – other than the show could not reasonably have his heart cut out and have him survive it. If I were Maryann, looking for the perfect supernatural sacrifice to call in my God, and had tried shifters and various beings in the past all to no avail. You know who I would try on this go round? A supernatural being unlike any other I had ever encountered. One who is clearly “special” and “unique” – I would try Sookie. If we had been given a better reason for the single minded pursuit of Sam – then perhaps I could have bought it. However, all I really saw was that he was a shifter, like many others. Finally, the most genetically linked and similar people are siblings. If Sookie is biologically unaffected by Maryann, due to some supernatural element in her makeup, then so should be Jason. However,  I did enjoy the post Maryann debriefing at Merllotts by the town pundits – “aliens and liberal media” indeed.

Now to the season three setup’s! Ah, tragic timing for our romantic leads. First Jessica and Hoyt. Just as he is finally awakened to how his devouring mother has crippled his life and manhood, just as he is willing to be set free – she awakens to her darker impulses. When Jessica first came on the scene I had an idea for a storyline where teenage girls started to go missing. A massive investigation ensued, a human/vampire investigative team arrives to shake the town of Bon Temps to it’s core, Eric and Bill are pushed  to their limits, all are full of suspicion and doubt as each of our central relationships are tested. Until…finally, it is revealed that Jessica has been trying to make a friend for herself and simply does not have the control to create a Vampire without killing the intended human. This truck driver storyline feels like a nice approximation to keep my interest in the coming season.

It looks like the Andy and Jason show will continue as they now share the burden of the secret of the death of Eggs. Sam is set up to search for his birth parents – if the show is keeping with the tradition of tying storylines together – then I suspect that will his parentage will have something to do with Debbie Pelt and Alicde both of  whome Alan Ball has said will appear in the coming season. Though the show does seem to be straying further and further from the plotlines and characterizations in the books. The queen remained some sort of Great Gatsby/Mae West hybrid with a dash of modern lingo – “that blows” – though with a bit of a bite this week. Eric seemed positively droopy in her presence. I’ve accepted that she will not be the queen that I had imagined, and now simply hope that she can become a character I love to hate. I am intrigued by her involvement in V distribution. Her reasons are bound to be complex and full of consequence.

On to the question of the coming season: Who took Bill!?! Nabbed just as his beloved was to acquiesce to his hearts desire. Well, if the books are being followed even a small amount – then I know who took him. Though the reasons will of course be dramatically different here. However, I remain uncertain. This show makes it a point to surprise us and again is diverging more and more from the original source material. I say it’s anyone’s game at this point; the writers may be making adjustments in the coming seasons plot as we speak. There is only one culprit that could really turn me off – Eric, in some attempt to remove Bill from Sookie’s life. I hope the show veers very far away from anything close to what would be such a shallow course for their characters and story. I hope in the coming season to see a return to more of the Bill of season one, a continued dynamic exploration of the Eric character – taking full advantage of these two phenomenally talented and sexy actors. A Sookie full of grit and humor and down home flair, a Tara free of Maryann and back to her old self with the benefit of wisdom and age, far more Lafayette, and the continuation of Jason, Jessica’s and Hoyt’s character and story development. I hope for more focus on character and less on plotlines such as the Maryann storyline – and much, much more hot Vampire sex!

Finally, I just want to thank HBO, Alan Ball, the cast, creators and crew of True Blood for bringing us a season of fun, engaging, and quality entertainment. And thank all of you for watching my weekly blog/review. Stay tuned because we will be bringing you more True Blood videos to help bridge the gap to season three as well as blogs and reviews of other great television series. Please be sure to subscribe to the ThinkHero YouTube account and follow us on twitter @ThinkHero and @JrothC (that’s me). And for all the latest True Blood news go to our friends at the vault at true and follow them on twitter @The_Vault. Thanks guys! It’s been great!

– Roth


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