Michael Ausiello emailed Alan Ball almost as soon as the damn finale was over to pick his brain about a few things and talk about the future of True Blood. I’ll try to keep from stumbling into spoiler territory since it’s still very fresh, so you’ve been warned:

-They’ve already broken the first four episodes, and writers are currently out penning the first two. Ball has finally finished reading all the books so certain things that happen later in the novel series may happen sooner to facilitate more interesting stories, but the show will still deviate where it feels necessary.

-Tony Award-winning actor Denis O’Hare has been cast as the King Of Mississippi. He’ll actually be a series regular while Evan Rachel Wood’s Queen Sophie-Ann will be a recurring character. Ball also addressed fan concerns over Wood’s not coming across scary enough, stating: “She will. You can’t explain everything and blow your wad in the first episode the first time time you introduce a character. All I can say is keep watching. It will make sense.”

-Eric will be much more prominent in Season Three, and was missing from the finale for a reason. We will also meet Sam’s blood relatives, the super bad vampire Franklin Mott, Debbie Pelt, Alcide The Werewolf, and the people who live in Hotshot a little bit ahead of schedule. They will explain Sookie’s nature and why Jason doesn’t have “powers.” The Fellowship Of The Sun are not gone, and Steve Newlin is probably more pissed off than ever. There are plans to give Lafayette a boyfriend, and Godric may appear in flashbacks.

-S3 will probably premiere around the same time S2 did this year, but they’re going to try and film an episode before Christmas. No idea if HBO will speed up the season release. Ball also stated that he knows how awesome Jessica and Hoyt are together, but that happiness is boring so who knows what that’ll hold for the future of their characters. He even addresses why the Maryann storyline dragged on for so long.

I personally thought it was a lackluster finale to an otherwise awesome season. Pretty disappointed about the direction Jason was thrust in, and the forced Bellefleur storylines but HEY – what are you gonna do? Click on over to Ausiello’s Blog to read the rest of their recap of the season finale.



Source: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/09/14/exclusive-true-blood-finale-postmortem-with-alan-ball/

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