What originally was a huge rumor, now has become fact according to Variety, that Justin Timberlake is up for the lead role of Hal Jordan for the upcoming DC Comic’s Green Lantern.  Apparently the decision for the casting of the main character is now down to 3 people, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, and now Justin Timberlake.

 JT has already done a screen test, and it seems like the producers and directors all have different favorite choices.  Of these three I probably go with Bradley Cooper, especially since Reynolds is already going to be Deadpool.  However given my choice, I would have cast Nathan Fillion, who was featured in a kick ass fan made trailer that we posted a few months ago.

I actually think Justin Timberlake is a decent actor, seeing him in Black Snake Moan and his many hilarious SNL appearances. Though I don’t think he’s well suited for this part. What do you guys think?

– Dennis




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