“Fuck your impulse control.” My favorite of a few stand out lines from the second episode of season two of True Blood. Including, but not limited to Erics “Is there blood in my hair?”, Pam’s “Well this is a disaster” and Bills much justified “shut up” to Sookie at the end. I also happened to love the “It’s ok, forgive yourself…let’s sing!” in response to Jason’s slipped profanity on the Fellowship of the Sun bus.

I like these lines for the same reason I enjoyed this episode – because they, and it, color and develop the characters without resorting to uncomfortable emotional hyperbole. I have to admit I had to catch my breath a bit after the season two premier of the show. What I loved about season one was that Alan Ball took the existing book series and fleshed it out to create a world that existed outside of Sookies single point of view. The ways that it deviated from the book were the ways it needed to in order to make a rich and dynamic television series. He took characters that already existed – Tara and Lafayette and connected them to each other and to the central themes of the show. As far as the plot is concerned, it was one mystery unfolding throughout the course of the season. Other than that it was primarily character and relationship development.

The season two premier had me feeling like things were careening out of control. Ever moment of the show seemed to be packed with some overblown emotive emotional meltdown of some sort. It was as if the show was saying SERIOSULY this is the RIDE of your LIFE folks. They had done a massive marketing Blitz and did not want to disappoint with one explosive encounter and revelation after another – fine.  But those of us who are already invested in these characters noticed went they were acting unlike themselves in a disappointing way. Tara is not one to cover and cry continuously. In addition the Sookie and Bill breaking up and making up roller coaster throughout the episode was a bit of a turn off for me. In fact I had to turn away at when they got into the “You are my miracle” exchange and almost missed the hot sex. NOT ok.

I enjoyed it more on a second viewing, and hoped that they were simply setting us up for the season to come and would tone down a good deal of all that emoting. Which is exactly what seemed to happen in episode two. Each of the characters seem to come back into themselves. I was very happy to see more of Eric, his humor and his ferocity. I was happy that the humor was turned up a notch in general and that Bill grew a sack with Sookie. Don’t get me wrong – I love Sookie and l love that he does to – but I also love a man who is large and in charge. His outburst was well deserved and frankly – hot. My concerns as the season develops are that we the show is splintering in too many different story lines with too many characters. We have the murdered body of Ms. Jeannette in Andy Bellofleurs car, the missing amp in Dallas, Jason and the Fellowship of the sun, and Maryanne. And not the introduction of Jessica and Daphne. I am not a huge fan of the introduction of Jessica. I can see that she is there almost as a device to deliver the audience information on Vampiric culture through her development – but frankly once that role is fulfilled – I hope they stake her whiny ass. I’m on the fence about Daphne, nut not liking what I see so far. The actresses are great and are playing the characters beautifully – but I would love if the show stays focused on developing the characters we are already invested in with one or two central storylines. This makes for dynamic television.


My hopes and predictions for this coming episode: I predict that bill WILL NOT kill Jessica’s family, he will glamour them so that they entirely forget the encounter. I hope that Lafayette will not be made a Vampire. He is one of my favorite characters, but what makes him great is his ambiguity, his humanity and his vulnerability. Yes he is a badass, but he is a badass that is pretty insecure and operates from desperation much of the time and compassion periodically. I fear that if he is turned he will become flat and one dimensional. I very much hope to see more of Eric and Pam as they are two of my favorite characters, and I hope the storylines become focused.

Other than that I’s just plain exited. I really do love this show.

– Roth

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