Trailer Addict has posted a wonderful clip from Backlot Buzz of Robert Zemeckis and Jim Carrey talking about the performance capture work used on Zemeckis’ upcoming version of A Christmas Carol.

After the first still image and clip of “A Christmas Carol” released earlier this week, I was given pause. The still looked like it had a great deal of rendering left and the clip itself felt too cartoony. Zemeckis’ performance capture films have always seemed sort of static and, with the exception of Monster House (the one film he didn’t direct), always seemed as if they should’ve just been shot live-action anyway.¬†We’ve all heard Zemeckis talk about performance capture before as this is his third time using the technology, so that doesn’t really do anything in getting me excited.

Instead, the real gem of the piece is Jim Carrey. I’m a huge supporter of performance capture and the possibilities it presents, but I think that Jim Carrey may be the first truly perfect actor for this new medium. Translating body movement and emotion is one thing, but Jim Carrey’s physicality has always been on a whole other level and this always seemed like the perfect casting choice. Playing the various ages of Scrooge and the Three Ghosts, I can only imagine what Carrey has come up with.¬†Watching him shift in his chair to become the elderly Ebenezer Scrooge in this video filled me for a newfound excitement for the film.

Check it out in the clip below.



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