SciFi Wire has interviewed Brian Austin Green about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and his role as Derek Reese.  For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, B.A.G (as his friends call him, ok — no they don’t, but I will) is actually one of the best parts of the show.  Everyone had thought the show had jumped the shark when they cast this teen idol from America’s beloved(or hated) teen soap opera, 90210.  But instead B.A.G, and his potrayal of Derek Reese has become one of the best and most interesting parts of a great show.  His addition to the cast actually took the show up a notch in quality. 

Here is an excerpt of his response to fans clammering for more action:

“Some fans are hating on the recent episodes for a lack of action.

Green: It can’t be [all action]. It can’t be. I think if it was up to the fans, truly, John Connor would already be John Connor in the future. The show would be, like, four episodes, and they would run out of s–t. You have to build, and you have to have moments where everything has to sit, and you have to think it through. It can’t just be f–kin’ go-go-go-go-go, because there’s just no way we could last. What’s funny is that, still to this day, one of the favorite scenes for people I talk to is the scene in the park, John and Derek sitting and watching the two [kids, young Kyle and Derek,] play baseball. That’s, like, the least action scene of anything. It’s sitting on a f–kin’ bench talking, but then they complain there’s not enough action, so you can’t please everybody. I trust Josh. I hope that at the end of the day the fans will trust Josh, because he’s done a really good job so far. “

I actually agree with him, some of the best moments of the series have not been action oriented, and more about the characters and the moments between them.

Let me know if you watch the Sarah Conner Chronicles, and what you think of B.A.G and the show.

– Dennis

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